Laura has been teaching privately for over twenty years. Her students range from professional musicians, actors and performers to those who wish to explore their vocal potential and develop their technique.

Lessons typically last for one hour. This is spent looking at all areas of technique, including posture, breathing, vocal placement and support, as well as sight reading and aural skills for those wishing to develop their general musicianship.

Students come from a varied mix of musical backgrounds and are encouraged to work on songs that are meaningful and enjoyable to them personally.

When: Laura teaches from her home in Whitstable on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Fees: Lessons are £28.00 per hour

One to one online Tuition is also available.

I have been having singing lessons for several weeks with Laura Gillham and, apart from enjoying them immensely, I am learning a lot ! Laura is a very experienced and capable teacher. She has a great deal of knowledge and an intuitive understanding of people.

With the right balance of patience and enthusiasm, she knows how to get the best from a student. Being a talented singer, songwriter and musician herself brings an added dimension to her classes. I consider myself very lucky to have her as my teacher.

– Julie Wassmer

Laura was my singing teacher for three years. She is a great teacher and she makes things fun. She is now a great friend and I would recommend her as a teacher to anyone wanting to improve their singing technique.

– Marion Butler

If you would like more information, call Laura on 07905 164 968 or send a message via the website contact page.

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