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Singing for Fun: Wednesdays & Fridays (daytime) click for details

Horsebridge Singers: Thursdays (evening) click for details

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“ Laura – Thank you so much for your contribution and the beautiful music and energy of the choir. It was a really special moment of the evening and I think it inspired a lot of people.”

Karen Boswell – Whitstable Supper Club’s Big Gig beach BBQ

“ I’ve been having singing lessons for several weeks with Laura Gillham and, apart from enjoying them immensely, I am learning a lot ! Laura is a very experienced and capable teacher. She has a great deal of knowledge and an intuitive understanding of people.

With the right balance of patience and enthusiasm, she knows how to get the best from a student. Being a talented singer, songwriter and musician herself brings an added dimension to her classes. I consider myself very lucky to have her as my teacher. ” – Julie Wassmer

“ Not having sung since schooldays, I was a bit apprehensive to start singing again. However, I need not have worried at all. Since joining Laura’s Wednesday class over a year ago my knowledge of singing techniques has grown and the variety of songs we sing is so eclectic and enjoyable. Wednesday has become a very uplifting and happy day for me.” – Wendy

Laura Gillham“Laura’s singing group has made an immense difference to my life. We all work hard but have a great deal of fun and are a real team.

I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys singing.” – Mandy

“Although I have only recently joined the group I have found the standard is high, the teaching is excellent and the choice of songs, in the main, both challenging and achievable.

Singing is so good – it instils pleasure, confidence and teaches you skills that you never thought you would attain.

Although I’ve sung for over 8 years (solos, duets and harmony) I have not attempted the style of The Horsebridge Singers before and I am thoroughly enjoying the experience.” – Fay Dickeson

“ Laura makes every class enormous fun and there is always a real sense of achievement.” – Philip

“ The choir is a great salve. Whatever mood I’m in, I always come out smiling.” – Lesley

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